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Style: 62721

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The Naot Fiord is a clog with a functional buckle at the instep for adjustability. Naot's removable, anatomic cork & latex footbed is wrapped in pampering suede and molds to the shape of the foot with wear. The Men's Scandinavian Collection features a 1.5" polyurethane sole which is extremely lightweight, durable & slip resistant.

Style: 62721
Footbed: Men's Scandinavian
Fit: Medium width
Sole: 1.5" Polyurethane
Available Sizes: 40-48

Naot's Men's Scandinavian Collection has a 1.5" heel. This collection features Naot's removable, anatomic cork & latex footbed which is covered in suede and molds to the shape of the foot with wear. Medium width. 

By Blaine
from LA - Lower Alabama
I bought a pair of the FIORD's and GLACIER's back in 2006, still have both pairs today having worn and still wearing both on a dailey basis for 6 years and both pairs are still in excellent condition. I had a left hip replacement in 2001 and then a right hip replacement in 2005. I needed a shoe I could wear on a daily basis to slip on as a result of poor movement in the hips and poor back problems. I was a bit schepticle at first in buying these shoes at 100 bones apiece cause I wanted my moneys worth; but let me tell you, these shoes have exceeded my expectations way beyond my wildest expectations. I wear them everyday (and I MEAN EVERYDAY)as a normal working shoe around the house, to lounge in, or to go places away from the house. Knowing what I know about these shoes, If I didn't have them I would be about as worthless as tits on a boar hog. The workmanship and materials they are made of I don't believe can be beaten by any and the comfort is just amazing; if your looking for a great, well made, comfortable, durable, long lasting shoe to not have to tie then by all means you WON'T GO WRONG buying these shoes.
By Margo
from PA
I am female. Ok, now that that's out of the way I can say that I LOVE NAOT CLOGS! While I do not have this style, I do have one that is basically almost the same called the Naot Yale. It is actually my second pair; my first pair gave up the ghost after 6--yes, 6 years of DAILY wear. This second pair is going on year 3 now. I have never loved a shoe so much! When I have had to wear another pair (brand) of my shoes, the first thing I do when I get home is kick them off and slip my feet into my Naot's and say "AWWW!" I will buy this style when this pair of Yale's wears out; as I believe they are discontinued. These are not just for men! They are uni-sex!
By Barry
from Fergus, ON, Canada
The only brand of sandals I wear. Loving the new clogs!
By Jason Cuba
from Maricao Puerto Rico
The best shoe you will ever own...I wear these everyday amd
By George
from Virginia/North Carolina
Purchased a pair about ten years ago.
from McAllen, Texas
By Alex barnett
from South Africa
Chèf ,
By DJ Hurley
from NC
Wear a 13D-needed a #48-good support- run small