All About our Dead Sea Treasures

As the weather heats up and the layers come off, there’s no hiding that dry, winter skin. Luckily for you, we have the essentials that can take your skin from drab to fab while wearing shorts and skirts! Keep reading to see what makes our Dead Sea Treasures lotion stand out from the rest. IMG_5711.png Ready to know the secret ingredient? If you couldn’t tell from the name, it’s…


These minerals have been making waves in the beauty industry due to their extensive benefits and proven ability to relieve skin ailments such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. Each of our products have unique benefits, making them a staple in your beauty arsenal. Body Lotion Our gentle body lotion contains moisturizing aloe vera extracts and shielding silicon oil to prevent skin dehydration, leaving your skin silky smooth, wonderfully moist and delicately protected. BodyLotion2.jpg Dee from Florida says: I have used this product from Israel for years. It not only good for tired calloused feet but knees, elbows, and other strategic body parts as well. Purchase the Body Lotion at Footwear Etc. Foot Cream Enriched with therapeutic Dead Sea Minerals and softening silicon, this soothing treatment pampers your entire foot. It's anti-bacterial tea tree oils disinfect and prevent painful cracking and itching. FootCream.jpg Fretta from Wisconsin says: “This is the best ever foot cream. It helps with fungus on your skin, it soothes hot achy feet and in about two weeks clears up cracking heels.” Purchase the Foot Cream at the Healthy Feet Store. Hand Cream Pamper and protect your hands with our non-oily, instantly absorbed hand cream. Incredible Dead Sea Minerals and natural oils work continuously to soothe and soften dry chapped hands. HandCream.jpg Ellen from Ohio says: The best hand lotion! It's rich and soothing without being greasy. I'm always looking for it.” Purchase the Hand Cream at Dodds Shoe Co.
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