Athleisure is Here to Stay!

Is there anything better than when the worlds of fashion and function mesh together? Athleisure is a fashion trend that’s been on-the-rise the last few years, and needless to say, we’re pretty excited about it! Athleisure is the lovechild of athletic wear and leisure wear, mixing both style and comfort together for awesome results. The best part? You don’t actually have to be heading to the gym or to yoga to rock the trend.😉 Below we’ve compiled a list of the Naot shoes that will help you embody the athleisure look. THE TIMU This classic maryjane-inspired silhouette boasts premium leather and suede for a polished look. The ghillie lacing provides beautiful details that help take any outfit to the next level. With an anatomic cork and latex footbed, you can be kind to your feet all day long. Pair them with leggings and a long sweater and you’re good to go! Available at Dardano’s. THE KUMARA The Kumara is a yoga-inspired shoe that can take you from your morning yoga class to all the errands you have to run throughout the day. Sleek and slim, this shoe is made with premium leather and features vamp stitching which brings added detail to your look. Available at Simons Shoes. THE PAPAKI Blend comfort with creative style seamlessly with this sandal. This shoe features feminine two-tone ruched details and premium leather for a polished look. With padded straps, you’re never going to want to take these shoes off. Consider them your go-to errand-running shoe! Available at Healthy Feet Store. THE KIREI Tried and true, let your style shine with the Kirei maryjane. A combination of suede and leather create a stylish yet comfortable look, and the padded strap calls for all-day support. We have yet to find an outfit that doesn’t pair well with our Kirei shoes! Available at Englin’s Fine Footwear. THE TIAKI Your feet will thank you for slipping on these Tiaki shoes-- and your wardrobe will too! These shoes are covered in variegated canvas material with a leather trim, making them stylish enough to stand out on their own. This flexible shoe is perfect for all-day wear; especially if you’ll be on your feet! Available at Step! Shoes.
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