Cover More Ground in 2018

It has been said that if January were a day of the week, it would be Monday. For better or worse, January can be a time for resolutions, new beginnings and laying the groundwork for what your year will look like. At Naot, we shared the resolution that we’d like to donate more shoes in 2018. We’re excited to say that we’re already on our way to making that happen! As always, our team is working behind-the-scenes on outreach and coordination for shoe drives and #NaotGivesBack events. One goal we haven’t yet shared is that we’d love to see Naot shoes “cover more ground” in the new year. For us, that means having our shoes travel to new places and walk greater distances than ever before. The only thing is, we need your help to achieve this goal! Nothing would make us happier than seeing YOU rock your Naot shoes on all of your vacations and adventures this year. In 2017, we saw Naotics take us along on their journeys to France, Morocco, the Philippines and beyond! What we heard time and time again from these Naotics is that their feet didn’t ache once when they traveled in our shoes. We’re so thrilled that our shoes provided comfort and support so these jetsetters could stay in the moment when taking in new sites. Nothing would be worse than gazing up at the Eiffel Tower for the first time and having your feet ache too much to enjoy it! So, whether you’re exploring your own city or traveling to the opposite end of the earth, we hope that you’ll take Naot shoes with you on your journey. Not only will you be able to “get your steps in” on your fitness trackers, but you won’t have to worry about frequent breaks to give your feet a rest. Staying in the moment and walking more: doesn’t that sound like a resolution you can get on board with!? We’d love to see photos of you in your shoes around the globe so we can cover more ground together in the new year! Help us meet our goal by tagging us in your photos and using the hashtag #Naot. You might even get featured on our blog! Check out our social media channels here: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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