Lovely in Layers

Brrr! November has arrived and suddenly we can’t get away with wearing a light jacket outside anymore. While we all looked forward to “sweater weather,” it can seem impossible to look chic when you have to cover your cute outfit with a puffy coat! Layering up can be the perfect solution for staying warm without looking like a marshmallow.

Below we’ve compiled three ways to layer up and look stylish with your Naots on the coldest fall days.

Booties + Cozy Socks

If your feet are cold, the rest of your body will be too! Insulate your feet with our leather Kona boots and a thick pair of tall socks. Not only does this add some personality to your outfit, but it will keep your toes nice and cozy. Pair them with leggings and a casual chambray for a comfortable, classic fall look.

Find our versatile Kona boots at Schuler Shoes.

Mix and Match

There is no better feeling than throwing on an oversized sweater with leggings and calling it a day! It’s the most effortless and comfortable look that makes the cold weather worthwhile.

Dress up your favorite look by zipping up these gorgeous Shamal boots. It instantly makes this casual look more sophisticated and on-trend.

On really chilly days, you can add to the look by layering on a faux fur vest or a neutral peacoat. Did we just help you create your capsule wardrobe? We think yes!

Add our Shamal boots to your closet at Step! Shoes.

Double Up Why wear one trendy outer coat when you can wear two?! Hold off on pulling out the thick winter coat and double up on army jackets and zip-ups for an en vogue, menswear-inspired look. Tie it all together (pun intended 😉) with our funky and practical Groovy boots. When temperatures drop below 50, bundle on a knit scarf for extra warmth and pizzazz. Shop our Groovy boots at Simons Shoes. Did we help you get inspired? Show us how you layer up this season by tagging our Instagram page in your photos!
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