National Wedding Month

Ahhh, February – the month of love! Between National Wedding Month, Valentine’s Day, and all of the the engagements that will inevitably pop up on your newsfeed, love is definitely in the air. While it isn't peak wedding season, it is the time of the year when most brides-to-be start their wedding planning and make their way to the bridal shows and expos. With that being said, they can cross one thing off their wedding checklist by getting comfortable and glamorous shoes for the big day. Check out some of our sandals to wear for when you’re saying “I do,” or tearing up the dance floor. We guarantee you’ll be the only one at the party who won’t be dying to kick off their shoes!

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Naot Mystery

Attending an outdoor wedding? Give your foot the royal treatment with our gorgeous Mystery wedge. This trendy wedge has a 2.75" heel with rhinestone accents and won’t have you sinking into the grass with every step. If you're a bride looking for subtle bling without going overboard, this is the perfect wedge for you. The Naot Mystery is available in navy blue just in case you are looking for your "something blue" or a complimentary heel for your bridesmaids. No backup flip-flops necessary! MYSTERY-38057-B89.png Shop the Mystery wedge at Simons Shoes.

Naot Deluxe

Let’s face it-- you’ll look too elegant to slip on dancing socks under your gorgeous dress! With the Naot Deluxe wedges, you’ll dance the night away, ache-free. These chic wedges have 2.75" heel with a unique cutout design and contrasting leather trim. This particular style has a back strap for support--keeping you steady and secure from beach to barn weddings. Whether you are the bride, mother-of-the-bride, or simply a wedding guest, these wedges will keep you stylish and most importantly, comfortable, all the night long. Untitled design-108.png Shop the Deluxe wedge at Englin's Fine Footwear.

Naot Innovate

Calling all bohemian brides! Check out one of our newest additions: the Naot Innovate. The Innovate is a 2" strappy heel with rhinestone accents, making this shoe stand out from the crowd. Designed to keep your feet comfortable at all times, this heel has a hook and loop backstrap and gore at the middle straps creating a custom fit. Also available in two neutral colors: black and silver. Blog (2).png Shop the Innovate heels at Footwear Etc. unnamed.jpg
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