Neutral Shoes - A Bare Necessity

In a previous blog, we mentioned the importance of owning a LBS (little black sandal) and how it can practically go with anything in your closet. While this is totally true and a necessary ‘must-have,’ there is another shoe that is just as powerful: a neutral! Let’s be honest, has anyone ever regretted purchasing a neutral shoe? Not only do neutral heels elongate the legs (bonus points), but neutral flats and slip-ons go with anything, making them a key component to a well-rounded wardrobe. Instagrammer Dearly Bethany executes this look flawlessly with our Naot Gabriela sandals. Her goal is to photograph a new outfit each day, while remaining true to her personal style and aesthetic. unnamed.jpg unnamed-1.jpg unnamed-3.jpg unnamed-2.jpg While you’re on the hunt for the perfect nude tones, don’t be afraid to have fun with it! It doesn’t have to be a boring shade of blah-beige. Spice it up with a metallic sheen or sparkly feminine rhinestones. Just make sure you love it, because the key to owning the perfect neutral shoe is rocking it with confidence! Check out some of our #Naotic neutral picks below. Naot Gabriela unnamed-4.jpg Available at Schuler Shoes. Naot Cornet unnamed-5.jpg Available at Simons Shoes. Naot Formal 3811414-p-MULTIVIEW.jpg Available at Schuler Shoes. Naot Ashley 3811197-p-MULTIVIEW.jpg Available at Just Our Shoes. Naot Norah 3811336-p-MULTIVIEW.jpg Available at Instep. Naot Kayla 3498364-p-MULTIVIEW.jpg Available at Tip Top Shoes.
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