Share Your Naot Story

Each pair has a story.
Each shoe has a journey.
Every customer has a connection.

The #MyNaotStory initiative is a social media and storytelling campaign intended to tell these stories, follow these journeys and foster these connections.

Using social media, photos and videos we want to hear your Naot story.

Did you wear Naots on your wedding day?

Have they seen the peak of a mountain or traveled to the other side of the world?

Have your Naots kept you comfortable on your feet all day at work or provided years of support after years of pain?

At Naot we are committed to making the world a better place one “step” at a time.

Share with us every “step” in your Naot journey.

After all, the shoes are just fashion for YOUR style and comfort for YOUR life.

Share YOUR Naot story with us using #MyNaotStory

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