This or That: Winter Edition

One of our favorite things about releasing new shoes is hearing which styles our customers prefer! We love learning more about our Naotic family and which shoes best fit their personal sense of style. Whether you’ll be wearing boots or clogs this season, we want to know which ones are your favorite. Below we’ve compiled a few of our favorite winter shoes for a “This or That” winter edition! Be sure to leave your picks in the comments below so we can get a glimpse of your sense of style. KAHIKA vs. BRISOTE Slouch boots are in this season and we’ve seen some adorable outfits paired with both our Kahika and Brisote boots! They look best worn with tights, scrunched socks and of course, your favorite pair of jeans. While these boots may look similar, they definitely differ in a few ways, too. Our Kahika's are considered more of an ankle boot while our Brisote boots come up a little higher on the leg. Which fits your style best? {Left: Kahika, Right: Brisote} KARO vs. CELESTA Slip-on shoes are a fan favorite and there’s an obvious reason why! When you’re in a hurry, it’s a must to have a comfortable pair of shoes to throw on as you’re walking out the door. Our Karo and Celesta shoes are similar due to the fact that their neutral colors are bound to pair with anything you wear them with. While both are unique, their details differ. Do you prefer the cutouts in our Karo’s or the buckles on the Celestas? Let us know in the comments! {Left: Karos, Right: Celesta} SHOP OUR WINTER COLLECTION AT Simons Shoes Let us know which shoes are your favorite in the comment below! Be sure to tag us in your photos with @naotfootwear so we can see how you styled your Naots this season.
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