Transitional Shoes You Need for Spring

With 60 degree weather and flowers in bloom, it’s safe to say that spring has finally sprung! While it’s glorious walking weather, in some parts of the country it’s a little too soon to break out our favorite strappy sandals. Have no fear though, we have transitional shoes that match the weather as much as they do this season’s trends. Take a look at what Naotics are saying about their favorite shoes for spring to summer.


DSC_0029.jpg Amanda from Colorado Says: “Love these Aratakis. I now have 2 colors and wear them regularly when it's warm but not quite warm enough for sandals. No pedi. yet this spring. I love the laser cut punches on the toe area. Adds interest and air flow too! Good adjustability, soft leather. What else could I want?” Shop the Arataki flats at InStep Austin.


DSC_0007.jpg Grace from Seattle Says: “Fell in love with these as soon as I opened the box! They are so comfortable and light! Look great with jeans or shorts. I think these will be my go to summer shoes! They look very well made and will hopefully hold up well, which is good because they are quite an investment.” Shop the Verbena at Peltz Shoes.


DSC_0071.jpg Maria from California Says: “I love these shoes! The best part about this shoe is the comfort factor -- I never had to break it in, and wore it for an entire long work day (and I stand at my standing desk for hours a day) and my feet felt very comfortable throughout. I also love that this has good support for my feet. I bought it in the nude color and love it so much that I'm going to purchase it in the black too! This ran true to size for me, and I was able to get a comfortably secure fit by tying the laces tightly and double knotting them so the laces didn't come undone. I'd highly recommend this shoe.” Shop the Kata at Simons Shoes.


DSC_0097.jpg Angela from Texas Says: I just got this sandal and it is oh so cute! I'm so glad Naot is making some stylish sandals while retaining the necessary support and comfort. I was recently diagnosed with metatarsalgia and need shoes that give me arch and metatarsal support. I had custom orthotics made but they do not work in sandals. The Naot's are great, and one extra plus is the inserts are made of cork and latex and are removable, so my orthotic pro can mold them to my feet for even better support and comfort. You can even order another set of inserts if necessary!” Shop the Papaki at Footwear Etc.
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