We have BIG news!

Three, two, one, run...to www.NAOT.com because you can now #ShopSmall on our website! As you may know, we strongly believe in supporting small businesses. Locally owned businesses build strong communities by maintaining vibrant main streets, bringing neighbors together & recycling revenue back into the local economy. Not only do we host weekly events at independent shoe stores across the country to increase foot traffic, but we always encourage our customers to head to their local shoe store for a personalized experience. For this reason we are excited to announce that you can now support the #ShopSmall movement by shopping on www.NAOT.com! Best of all, you can shop the entire Naot collection in one place! Here’s how it works: When you head to www.NAOT.com, you can browse the complete collection of Naot shoes. When you find a shoe you love, you can now purchase it within seconds and have it shipped to you direct from an independent retailer. We can’t wait for all of our #Naotics to check it out! Make sure to tag photos of your new shoes with @NaotFootwear on social media! #NAOT Happy Shopping! Naot USA www.NAOT.com
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