What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

At Naot, we pride ourselves on making high quality shoes that will make you look and feel great. It’s our mission to create shoes that are comfortable enough to keep you on your feet all day long while still looking stylish! The feedback from our customers is what we value the most and we love hearing what our Naotics have to say about their purchases. We’ve gathered some of our favorite customer reviews from real Naotics around the country to see what they had to say about their new footwear. KATA “The most comfortable, durable & cutest shoe I have ever worn!” - Saylor, Mobile Shop them at Instep. KIREI “These are fabulous shoes - comfortable, supportive and very pretty. The velcro straps enable you to adjust the fit to your foot. They can be worn for everything from everyday to dressy occasions.” - Kathy, AZ Find them at Footwear Etc. VERBENA “What more could you ask for? The shoe style is modern, the arch support is fabulous, and the shoe structure is comfortable. Being older, I'm always on the lookout for shoes that are comfortable and stylish; the ankle strap is adjustable and the shoe holds your foot firmly. You can actually walk distances with these shoes, and wear them over an extended amount of time. As for price I think these shoes are worth it, given their quality and practicality.” - Shirley, Miami Shop them today at Simons Shoes. CHIEF “Fit was excellent. Have received many compliments for these as well. My first pair of Naots and this will be a go-to brand from now on. Was a little reluctant to try these at first but my wife loved them on me. Have been wearing them daily to the office and they have held up exceptionally well.” - Jeff, San Jose Grab a pair at ShoeStores.com. Let us know if you’ve purchased a pair of Naots recently by leaving your review below in comments!
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